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Shit I made. :''DDDD


Things made by friends, were done for me or that I just down right love.

People who own me artwork:

amyrose1785423659 Commission of Halloween

Or a refund for my pay...


Stuff to do:
Sonicthevampire411=Art trade draw Selina~ (will do~ but it will be hard)


makes me wish 4 a nuclear winter
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I can mostly be found on my two ask accounts:

You can ask them here, I may make a separate blog or something for them~

Characters of mine: (Dark stars are main characters)

★ Ruben Mano Faster (Male) (Age: 8) (Main-Protagonist)
★ Darby Anderson (Female) (Age: 14) (Main-Protagonist)
☆ Riley Burdoch (Female) (Age: 10) (Side-Protagonist)
☆ Zeta Apli̱stía Mikos (Male) (Age: 27) (Main-Antagonist)
☆ Norene (Normally referred to as Norie) Kingham (Female) (Age: 26) (Main-Antagonist)
☆ Ζάρια (Means Dice in Greek) Tyche Mikos (Male) (Age: 15) (Neutral-Leanant Antagonist)
★ Gordon Ikaika (Male) (Age: 16) (Main-Protagonist)
★ Kani Hoʻoponopono (Female) (Age: 18) (Main-Protagonist)
★ Sparky Ikaika (Female) (Age: 2.5, 24 in Inklet/floating cat years) (Main-Protagonist, sidekick)
☆ Natalie Connors (Female) (Age: 13) (Side-Protagonist)
☆ Bailey Connors (Female) (Age: 11) (Side-Protagonist)
☆ Benny Epithumia Mikos (Male) (Age: 30) (Side-Antagonist)

Yay info time!~:

Well, I'm a sixteen year old girl who likes to draw things with human like anatomy, almost human but not quite. I'm pretty easy going for the most part but I'm very soft-hearted and sensitive so excuse me if I seem pathetic at times... u~u''' I love my characters with all my heart and I don't mind if you don't like them. I'll be a bit hurt, but your entitled to your opinion. I sketch all the time and log in and out for three days or a week or two because I'm a bit lazy with my online stuff. I'm rather an amateur with my art but I keep it in a certain style because it works best for me but I'm always trying to improve.

I absolutely LOVE the Ratchet and Clank series and have loved it since I first played the demo! I just love the music to it, the combat style and the beautiful cut scenes (especially the ones in Crack In Time, the cutscenes are just amazing~ <3) and humor to it. I'm also very fond of any animation, comics/graphic novels, exciting and anticipating stories, music (mostly remixes and dancey-like songs and instrumentals) and I love animals~..

I have more about me but let's just stick with what we have for now...

Just so you guys know or for those who don't, I am a girl.

The "Major Tom" thing is based off one of my favorite songs, so I can assure you I'm a girl~.. .u.


Other places to find me:

SKYPE: Note me~
iScribble: Note me~

These have to do with my characters and my sister's... I saw a friend do something like this with her journal, so I thought I'd try~...

Comment which one's you ship~ They can also be pairings with your own characters with mine or my sister's...~ I can add them in!~

Heart = I ship it. The more hearts, the more I ship it~ -u-''

Dygel = My sister ships it. The more of them, the more she ships it~~

Characters to pick: 

My Characters:

Ruben Mano Faster (Male)
Darby Anderson (Female) 
Riley Burdoch (Female)
Zeta Apli̱stía Mikos (Male)
Benny Epithumia Mikos (Male) (Cousin of Zeta's pfft~)
Norene (Normally referred to as Norie) Kingham (Female)
Zária (Means Dice in Greek) Tyche Mikos (Male)
Gordon Ikaika (Male) 
Kani Hoʻoponopono (Female)
Sparky Ikaika (Female) (Inklet, which is a species of floating cat WE made up~)
Natalie Connors (Female)
Bailey Connors (Female)

My Sister's Characters:

Marcella "Marcy" Wissen Carlen (Car-lin) (Female)
Tiger Fowler Carlen (Car-lin) (Male) (Inklet again~)
Mary Ary (Air-e) (Female) (She is a mouse...)
Calandra Chizen (Chiz-in) (Female)
Sable Lune Skye (Sky) (Female)
Falin Soleil Skye (Sky) (Male)
Blinky Chizen (Chiz-in) (Male)
Nancy Deli (Duh-lie) (Female)

More info about the characters on my dA ID and my sister's: amyrose1785423659 -u-''


Ruben X Calandra HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Kani X Gordon HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Marcy X Gordon HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Natalie X Falin HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Zeta X Norie HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Zária x Sable HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Sparky X Tiger HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Mary X Blinky HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Darby X Gordon HeartHeartHeart DygelDygel
Bailey X Falin HeartHeartHeart DygelDygel
Riley X Ruben HeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygel
Benny X Norie HeartHeart Dygel
Calandra X Gordon HeartHeart (To an extent for me, only to hugs and kisses and stuff) DygelDygelDygel

Nancy X Marcy HeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Nancy X Darby HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Kani X Nancy HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel
Bailey X Riley HeartHeart DygelDygel
Bailey X Sable HeartHeart DygelDygelDygel
Natalie X Sable Heart DygelDygel
Riley X Sable HeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygelDygel

Falin X Gordon HeartHeartHeartHeart DygelDygelDygel
Dice X Gordon HeartHeart DygelDygel
Dice X Falin Heart Dygel
Zeta X BennyHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart:heart: (It wouldn't let her put anymore fairy things but she put two for this pairing~ lol)


:iconnoname-foxycoon: Ruben X Sparky :heart::heart::heart::heart: (As good friends:3)
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